What Food Trucks Are Available and How Much Do They Cost? (I'm Just Researching)

First and foremost, food truck availability depends on whether or not they are already booked on your event date. The majority of food trucks are single entity businesses, so if their one truck is booked, they will not be available for more bookings. If they are not booked, their availability will depend on the finalized event details: date, serving time, address, and number of eaters.

Food truck pricing will also be based on the finalized event details but can fluctuate based on season, holidays, and other special considerations.

If your event is not fully fleshed out and you are in the research phase, here are some resources to help you:

1. Browse Food Trucks

  • Explore active vendors in your area on our Find Food Trucks page
  • See which vendors have posted their service locations so you can find them.

2. Pricing

Roaming Hunger can gather real catering packages from available food trucks once you have your details finalized. Go to our food truck catering page to get started.

For more information on how food truck catering and Roaming Hunger work, head back to our FAQ homepage.

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