How Do I Choose a Food Truck Friendly Event Location?

If you don’t yet have a location for your event, but know you would like it to be able to host a food truck, we’ve put together some valuable information to make sure your space is food truck friendly:

1. Permitting

If your event is on private property, like your home, you typically do not need a permit.

If your event is on public property, such as a park, you’ll need to get permission and on some occasions a permit from your local municipality. This is usually as simple as calling the phone number on your city's homepage.

2. Parking

Food trucks need enough space to park and set up. Truck dimensions vary, but they are typically 16' to 24' long, 10' high and 8' wide. Food carts and trailers are significantly smaller.

You’ll also need the parking space to be level, not on an incline, and have enough room for your guests to get their meals.

3. Travel Conditions

In addition to having a large footprint, food trucks and trailers are very heavy (up to 16,000 lbs) and carry a full kitchen. Unpaved roads, steep inclines, sharp declines, or winding, narrow passageways are not ideal travel conditions. Consider an open, flat space with easy street access.

4. Travel Distance

It may be difficult to find food trucks in rural areas due to the wear and tear a food truck endures traveling distances greater than 50 miles. You will get more interest if your event is closer to a main city.

Once you have a food truck friendly location picked (along with finalized date, serving time, and number of eaters), Roaming Hunger can gather real catering packages from available food trucks in your area.

To get started, go to our food truck catering page:

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